Innovation Festival

What is Innovation Festival?

Innovation Festival is a place to meet and interact with like-minded innovators from different walks of life. It aims to bring together a community of creators and makers spanning the length and breadth of India and give them a platform to showcase their ideas and creations. This will be an all-ages showcase and celebration of invention, creativity and resourcefulness.

Innovation Festival is primarily designed to be forward-looking, showcasing innovators/developers who are exploring new forms and new technologies. The festival features innovation and experimentation across the spectrum of science, engineering, art, performance and craft.

Activities during INNOVATION FESTIVAL:

  1. Inviting creators/innovators for showing their creative/innovative ways of making things: The innovators may be from different fields of arts, science, culture etc such as artisans who may be invited to demonstrate their skills and the art.
  2. Make & Remake: Activities will be organised in four sessions in two days for different categories of participants (e.g. families, college students, school students, housewives, unskilled persons etc.), using different kinds of ‘stuff’ from old computers, broken kitchen gadgets, toys or just everyday objects. The groups can experiment and explore possibilities to make sculptures, pictures, jewellery or whatever imagination conjures up.
  3. Creativity from Scrap: A creative space, dedicated to diverting materials from scraps into the hands of those who can creatively reuse them. The available materials may be fabric, paint, paper, toys, frames, plastic, wood, glass and many more.
  4. Challenge yourself booths: Participants may be invited to come and solve challenging problems.
  5. Hands-on opportunity spaces: To experience the thrill of hands-on activity & demonstrations, which may be performed by outside experts and Science Centre staff on various themes.
  6. Inviting students/teachers To take part with creators/innovators in their activities.
  7. Organising lectures and workshops such as “How to Innovate”, “Innovation landscape in India” , ‘How to Protect your ideas –Patenting’ etc. by inviting professionals and experts.
  8. Design Contests: May be organised on daily basis for some specific items, which may even be local specific.