Facilities at the Innovation Hubs:

  1. Discovery Hall: This area will have 10 to 15 interactive science exhibits/experiments to create excitement about science through exploration and discovery of underlying principles. This will help promote logical thinking.
  2. Innovation Resource Centre and Hall of Fame: This space will be used to showcase innovative ideas/products/implements that have transformed our world or have made significant impact on the way we conduct our lives along with respective inventors & innovators. Stories or inspirations behind such innovations/inventions will also be mentioned through appropriate modes. Besides these, implements/ samples of appropriate technology and traditional knowledge systems, art and craft and other areas of importance in public life in the respective regions shall be exhibited.Innovation Resource Centre and Hall of Fame
  3. Idea Lab: This lab will have necessary basic facilities to pursue creative and innovative hobbies/activities that involve model making, basic science experimentation, design & fabrication of useful gadgets of practical use, teaching/learning kits or aids for better classroom transactions, testing of samples like soil, water, food items etc.Robotics & microprocessor programming Facility
    1. Thod Phod Jod (Break & Remake) Corner: Students learn to do things with their own hands, dismantle, reassemble and remake devices/gadgets.Thod Phod Jod
    2. Kabad Se Jugad (Build from scraps): Students learn more by doing things practically using day to day scrap.Kabad se Jugad
    3. Idea Box: Students generate their own innovative ideas and create an idea bank. The best ideas are chosen for experimentation/model making/project work.Idea Lab
  4. Design Studio: This area will offer creative environment to design of various objects products etc.Make your own Science Models

All Innovation Hubs will focus on showcasing innovations on a regular basis. Resource Centre section will house successful application of scientific discoveries (for e.g. the story of Archimedes resolving the issue of the Votive crown), effectively relayed stories of stalwarts and innovators among others to portray application and benefits derived from science in day-to-day life. Facility shall promote independent thinking, problem solving ability, nurturing creativity and generation of innovative ideas.