Planetarium and Full Dome Theatre Services

Turnkey Solution

Orbit Animate is a leading solution provider & integrator in India for Hybrid and Fulldome Planetarium system in collaboration with Carl Zeiss Planetariums, Jena (Germany). Orbit has installed over 14 major Planetarium in India that includes the most acclaimed ones in the country.

Design & Consultation

Orbit's engineering & Theatre design capabilities render solutions to complex modernization schemes and futuristic Greenfield projects of modern Planetaria. To count a few names of Planetariums in India are Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium Bangalore, Science City Fulldome Theatre Kolkata, M. P. Birla Planetarium Kolkata, Varahamihir Taramandal Ranchi, TNSTC Planetarium Chennai, Priyadarshini Planetarium Thiruvananthapuram, and many more.

Modernization & Upgradation

The path of modernization & upgradation not only involves bringing partial or comple- te replacement of projectiontechnique but extends to re-engineering of the general arrangement of the Planetarium theatre itself in relation to its architectural, civil, electrical & HVAC arrangements to accommodate the modern equipment. Orbit extends its expert role into the aesthetics of modern theatre design by implementing multi-directional surround audio systems, ambient theatre lighting & illumination, and acoustical treatments to create a wholly immersive environment of Planetarium experience.

Installation :

Our Core Team: The Backbone of Orbit Planetarium Solutions

At Orbit Animate, our commitment to excellence is fortified by a core team of functional leaders who serve as the backbone of our Planetarium business. These experts specialize in key domains critical to the success of your planetarium, ensuring seamless dome installation, precise projection system setup, audio and theater lighting system design, and integration of theater control.

Our Experts :

Projection System Setup:

Our projection system experts are skilled at configuring and calibrating advanced projection systems. They ensure that the visuals in your planetarium are nothing short of stunning.

Dome Installation:

Our dedicated team of Dome installation specialists brings precision and expertise to every project. They understand the intricacies of creating a seamless, immersive dome experience that captivates your audience.

Audio System Design & Installation:

Sound plays a pivotal role in creating an immersive experience. Our audio experts design and install systems that envelop your audience in a world of sound, adding depth and realism to your shows.

and Support Excellence

Orbit Animate is not only dedicated to creating exceptional planetarium experiences but also committed to ensuring the seamless operation of your planetarium systems. Our in-house team is highly trained and boasts extensive product-line knowledge of planetarium systems, making us your go-to partner for maintenance and support.

Reducing Downtime with Spare Parts We understand the importance of minimizing downtime caused by unexpected breakdowns. To address this, Orbit maintains an ample inventory of spare parts, ensuring that we can swiftly replace components when needed. This proactive approach means your planetarium can continue to inspire and educate without interruptions.

Online Service Management Technology Orbit leverages cutting-edge online service management technology that empowers our service team to provide remote support and maintenance. With the ability to access the projection system's hardware and software components installed anywhere on the map, we can address issues promptly, reducing the need for on-site visits and maximizing your planetarium's uptime.


Providing well-trained staff for Planetarium operation is crucial for delivering accurate and engaging presentations, maintaining equipment, and ensuring the safety and satisfaction of visitors. It's good to know that many state-run Planetariums have recognized the value of this service and have chosen to work with Orbit.

This innovative approach can certainly help address a gap in the market and provide valuable support to state-run Planetariums in India. By offering trained personnel, Orbit can contribute to the smooth operation and enhanced visitor experience of planetariums in India.


RSA Cosmos

RSA Cosmos is a highly reputed Planetarium company based out of France and Japan with a global presence for many decades. With more than 200+ installations globally RSA Cosmos is the leading Planetariums solutions provider in the world. ORBIT ANIMATE, a company historically reputed in the realm of Planetariums is an industry leader in India, with a reputation that all its customers can attest, it has a long portfolio &  expertise that includes planetarium building design, planetarium construction assistance and supervision & consultation to conceive state of the art planetarium technologies, support and maintenance, as well as operation of planetariums.

The much-awaited collaboration between the two companies came into effect in early 2021 and since then we have stepped into many highly acclaimed projects in India which include the 1 st  LED Dome Planetarium project, the first of its kind in the world outside Japan.

SkyExplorer brings the most stunning journeys through the Universe in real-time with scientifically accurate data, offers direct connections to scientific institutions & the astronomical community, and enables great interactive experiences thanks to a variety of interactive and interconnected tools.

Konica Minolta’s brand-new groundbreaking software, enables planetariums and any immersive environment to open up their doors to new utilizations and bring innovative content beyond astronomy to their audience.

FreeDome gives access to infinite content beyond astronomy thanks to fun and interactive modules, enables users to create their own content using the best and most widely used game engine, Unity 3D, and even to co-create content with other planetariums or immersive environments. FreeDome also enables to broadcast all the content at the full resolution of the planetarium’s or immersive environment’s system.